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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Choose Credit Cash Today?
Credit Cash Today is the creator of Credit Conversions. Through trial and error we created a system that allows you to convert up to $4000 of your available credit to cash for a 1 time low fee without prompting your financial institution to increase your interest rate as they would with a cash advance. You will not be able to convert up to $4000 of your available credit with another company. Other companies will try to do a cash advance for you and you will only be able to get a fraction of the cash you would want and and would initiate an increased interest rate. 

How is this better then a Personal Loan Center?
Credit Cash Today will charge you a fraction of the price a personal loan center will, people often get stuck paying back personal loan companies forever sometimes fore-fitting their assets to pay back debts. Personal loan companies will also typically loan small amounts such as $2500 and although they will be able to get you the money maybe 1 or 2 days sooner, you will spend years paying for it. 

What do I need to get started? 
You will need a credit card with the amount of available credit that you are looking to convert into cash plus our service and processing fees. You will need to have a State issued ID that matches the name on the Credit Card you are doing the credit conversion with. You will also need to have a bank account to  have the funds deposited into. 

How do I get Started? 
Contact Credit Cash Today via email or phone. Let us know the amount of credit you are looking to convert to cash, the state you reside in and the name of the bank that you are having the fees deposited into. From there we will forward you our Credit Conversion Agreement, our Wire Transfer Agreement and our Credit Card Authorization form. You will need to have each form filled out, signed and notarized. If you do not have access to a notary, we can have one meet you at the location of your choice for an additional up front fee. Once we get the signed documents back, we will initiate the transaction on the credit card, once the transaction clears, we will make the deposit into your bank account. 

Will the bank ask me any questions about this transaction?
Typically the company that issued your credit card will contact you when we make the charge to confirm you authorize the charge. This is usually due to the fact that most clients will do higher amounts such as $4000. You will just need to let your credit card company that you approve the charge. You can also call your credit card company in advance to let them know that a high charge will be made on the card. This will speed up the process just a little bitThe bank will not typically ask you what the charge is for but if they do you can let them know you are paying to have a service completed for you. 

Is this service illegal? 
Absolutely not, the service we provide essentially lends you the banks money at a lower rate then what the bank would charge you. This is done through a special technique called "Credit Conversion" created by Credit Cash Today. our service essentially shows the credit card company that you are making a standard charge. Why should you have to pay the increased interest rates and cash equivalent transaction fees charged by the credit card companies for using your available credit as cash as opposed to credit? Don't be fooled, choose Credit Cash Today!

How am I taxed? 
According to Forbes, Loans are not considered taxable income. If the debt is forgiven however then you would be responsible for paying taxes on the forgiven amount. This typically occurs if you can no longer make your minimum payments and have to settle the debt. You will want to consult your accountant for more detailed information. Read more about it here http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2013/12/03/sure-loans-arent-income-convincing-irs-it-was-a-loan-priceless/#e3be4ae17f28